IMDA students take advantage of a variety of University resources and research centers available to them. The university features two spacious galleries that curate and exhibits national and international shows. Graduate students regularly participate and assist in the exhibition activities of the UMBC’s renown Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture [ CADVC ], which also hosts the outdoor Joseph Beuys Sculpture Garden at UMBC.

In addition, the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery and the University’s Special Collections facility features 100,000 original photographs and an artist book collection including the Dick Higgins Collection at UMBC with over 1,000 books, prints, objects and “unnameables” from noteworthy Fluxus and related artists.

Another center adjunct to the Department of Visual Arts is the prestigious Imaging Research Center (IRC) where IMDA students work as Research Assistants and are closely involved in emerging and experimental art and technology practices.

Other resources that IMDA students partner with — or simply take advantage of — the Center for Integrated Research in the Creative Arts (CIRCA), the Dresher Center, the Shriver Center, and Human-Centered Computing [ HCC ]. UMBC graduate students are also encouraged to take advantage of the wealth of performances, exhibitions, lectures, and screenings in Baltimore; Washington; D.C.; Philadelphia; and New York.

Images of works by alumni displayed at research centers include, Joseph Faura [ 2011 ], Tim Noble [ 2012 ], Christine Ferrera [ 2010 ], Jill Fannon [ 2011 ], Jaimes Mayhew [ 2010 ].