The Kathy O’Dell IMDA Award for most Outstanding MFA Written Thesis and Exhibition

Inspired by Dr. Mina Cheon (’02), who funded the IMDA Friends + Alumni MFA Award for the last five years, Dr. Kathy O’Dell, upon her retirement on August 1, 2022, established an endowment that will provide financial support for specific initiatives of the IMDA Program in perpetuity. Want to be a part of this? Click here to contribute!


Anna Kroll Thesis image

2023 Winner: Anna Kroll

“The Space is a Body and You Are In It”

The Space is a Body and You Are In It  is a collaborative world-building game played by two people. Together, you inhabit this imaginary space. This space and the events that take place inside will be devised and described through your game play. A sigh can cause a hurricane. A patch of moss can devour the whole space. The sun can deflate into a balloon you rest your head on. A tear can become a flood and suddenly you are an island.
IG: @krollercoasters