The IMDA M.F.A. consists of 60 credits, including 16 credits of electives and 12 credits that go toward the thesis exhibition and written thesis. IMDA Graduate students are required to take 39 credits of studio courses to fulfill their MFA. Elective credits per semester can vary from 2-6 credits per semester and will ultimately result in a completed elective credit total of 16. 9 of these elective credits must be studio electives. Students are guided through a full-time curriculum with regular one-on-one and group feedback from faculty and visiting artists and critics who review their work throughout their course.

Thesis Exhibition and Paper

In the spring semester of their final year students mount their thesis exhibitions at the Center for Art Design and Visual Culture [ CADVC ]. The written thesis presents the conceptual basis of the student’s artwork on display. The exhibition and thesis will present the position and direction of the student’s artwork, specifically within the historical, conceptual, philosophical and/or theoretical context, as well as significant influences. In consultation with the Thesis Committee, the M.F.A. candidate will nominate qualified individuals who will additionally review the student’s thesis work during the oral exam.

Thesis Publication

Students may work with Graphic Design faculty in order to publish their written thesis.

Required Courses
ART 610 Intermedia Methods and Innovation Seminar 2 Credits
ART 620 History + Theory of Intermedia and Digital Arts 4 Credits
ART 624 Contemporary Art, Theory + Criticism [ RCR ] 4 Credits
ART 640 Intermedia and Digital Studio[ 2x ] 8 Credits
ART 642 Media Based Installation Studio 4 Credits
ART 740 Advanced Intermedia and Digital Studio [ 2x ] 8 Credits
ART 792 Exhibition and Thesis Preparation 2 Credits
ART 798 Graduate Thesis Writing Seminar 4 Credits
ART 799 Thesis Exhibition 8 Credits
Electives [ 600-799 ] 16 Credits
Total 60 Credits

Typical IMDA Course Path
The following is a suggested schedule of courses, outlining how the program is typically completed over a three-year period:



ART 610 [2] Introduction to Intermedia Methods Seminar
ART 620 [4] History and Theory of Imaging and Digital Arts
ART 640 [4] Intermedia Studio Seminar
(10 Credits)


ART 640 [4] Intermedia Studio Seminar
ART 642 [4] Media Based Installation Studio (rotates with ART 624)
Teaching Practicum [2] or ART Elective [2]

(10 credits)



ART 740 [4] Advanced Intermedia Studio Seminar
Teaching Practicum [2] and \\ or ART Elective [4-6]

(10 Credits)
Candidacy– DECEMBER Grad Review Day



ART 624 [4] Contemporary Art, Theory and Criticism (rotates with ART 642)

ART 740 [4] Advanced Intermedia Studio Seminar
ART 792 [2] Exhibition and Thesis Preparation

(10 Credits)


OOOOART 798[ 4 ] Graduate Thesis Writing Seminar
OOOOART 799 [ 2 ] Thesis Exhibition
OOOOART Elective [ 4 ]

(10 Credits)

OOOOART 799 [ 6 ] Thesis Exhibition
OOOOART Elective [ 4 ]*

*Non 799 courses taken during the graduating semester require the faculty to agree to submit a grade by Graduate Review Day, or the day after the last day of classes, prior to exams.

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