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Chinen Aimi ’19 and Safiyah Cheatam ’21 at the Peale Center

"No Walls, No Bans, No Borders" is a benefit photography and art exhibit featuring the work of Baltimore-based activists connecting ideas of the violence of capitalism, colonialism, and the racist/fascist state both locally here in Baltimore and globally. A portion of artist's sales will go back to the groups doing the work on the ground.

The theme focuses on the work being done to dismantle walls/bans/borders of oppression, whether through physical state walls, walls of a prison, walls of stigma, or institutional walls. This exhibition tell the story through the eyes of those on the ground doing the work.

The event is being curated by Rebel Lens Bmore - a group of on-the-ground activists using photo and video to document social movements in Baltimore - in collaboration with a number of other great artists in Baltimore.

For more information, visit rebellensbmore.org. 

Posted: May 6, 2019, 2:12 PM