Liza Aleinikova

An artist’s self-portrait imagined as an unconventional sacred space,

subverting and re-imaging Russian folktales through a mix of animation, projection mapping, and sculptural objects.
Liza was the winner of the RTKL artist award in the second year and gave a special Artist’s talk.
IG: @lizapupsikarts

Fahmida Hossain

‘Dear Dhaka…’ is a multimedia installation emanating from the artist’s experience living in Dhaka as an urban citizen and a woman using concrete, cotton Sharee, and audiovisual video projection.

Anna Kroll 

The Space is a Body and You Are In It  is a collaborative world-building game played by two people. Together, you inhabit this imaginary space. This space and the events that take place inside will be devised and described through your game play. A sigh can cause a hurricane. A patch of moss can devour the whole space. The sun can deflate into a balloon you rest your head on. A tear can become a flood and suddenly you are an island.
IG: @krollercoasters

School Year 2022-2023 Notable Events

Spring 2023

The Manic American Humanist Show

Second Year Tomi Faison participated in a group show in NYC with her 7 channel video installation “LackLoop.”

Building on the culture-jamming roots of post-internet art, the show aimed a light on contemporary alienation as seen in the fringe political corners of the internet, from video games to 7chan and the memescape.⁠


MSAC Triennial

2023 MSAC Triennial exhibition featured alumna Rahne Alexander as a juror and the work of alumni Mollye Bendell (work featured bellow) and Aaron Oldenburg were selected for the exhibition.

Time & Punishment

first year McCoy Chance will premiered his original experimental composition ‘Roll For Punishment’ with the UMBC percussion ensemble.

Fall 2022

Sowebo Story Swap

Kristin Putchinski (second year) organized the community as part of her GA work. The Sowebo Story Swap highlighted the shared stories of six neighbors and the work of three Baltimore-based artists in a short program, followed by a reception as a community building practice.

Haunted Koreas

Alumna Mina Cheon (’02) works for Korean unification with her North Korean alter ego counterpart, Kim Il Soon, through “asynchronous communication.” Crossing borders by sending and receiving art between North and South Korea, the artist brings the remnants of her global activism by sharing the recent works from the Inaugural Asia Society Triennial and The Korea Society in New York, respectively, between 2020 and 2021, as a comprehensive solo show for the Alper Initiative for Washington Art at the American University Museum in Washington, DC.

A Walk in Progress

“A Walk in Progress” meanders through forests, clouds, sasquatch sightings, human rights, human wrongs, ping pong, and hope despite experience. It’s like a near-sighted, space telescope on an odyssey in search of corrected lenses.

Andrew Liang exhibited at Current Space. Animation, sculpture, and self portraits: commenting and exploring the rationality of human behavior, the meaning of morality, and humanity’s relationship with its environment.


Older Events

RTKL 2019-2020 Awarded to Jason Charney '20

Jason Charney, M.F.A. Candidate, Intermedia + Digital Arts Graduate Program, 2020 Project: “Equivocation: Noisy Drawings” My work explores how our psyches shape and are shaped by the tools...

Posted: March 20, 2019, 10:35 AM

Tim Noble '12 exhibits at the Reina Sofía Museum

His exhibit "Of the insane, or lacking in judgment" in collaboration with Mapa Teatro, a colombian theater group, exists in Madrid, Spain.  "In its polyphonic work, Mapa Teatro traces a space...

Posted: March 20, 2019, 10:24 AM

Sujan Shresta '08, and the Maryland Historical Society

His collaborative VR game preserves history and culture.

Sujan Shrestha, an alumnus of our IMDA program, is currently Assistant professor/Science, Information Arts and Technologies and Program director/ Simulation and Game Design at the University of...

Posted: March 20, 2019, 10:14 AM

Parastoo Aslanbeik receives 2018 MFA Award

Chosen by juror Cara Ober, Parastoo Aslanbeik wins the MFA Award for her mixed media installation and written thesis “Wispobish: Forest of Ghosts, Tower of Voices.”   “I believe the most...

Posted: March 20, 2019, 9:53 AM