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What all advisors need to know

Degree Audit

How to Get to It + Printed Version 

Interim Advisors must fill this out prior to the graduate student choosing a Thesis Chair [around the time of Candidacy].

Thesis Chairs must fill this out just before the graduate students’ final semester. This is the form that will tell the Graduate School to issue a degree to your graduating MFA candidate. Use the advising tool from the GPD, or a graduate students Unofficial Transcript, ensuring all requirements have been met.

Open PeopleSoft through my.umbc and login.

Go to the menu: Main Menu….UMBC Custom Items…. Records & Enrollment…. UM Grad Progression Summary

1. Go to the menu “Favorites… Add to Favorites”
2. Type the students name and/or ID

3. At top, right hand side, click “Course Fulfillment Information” [or scroll down ]

4. Hit the “View All” link to list all the courses student has taken or is taking.
5. Check all the boxes of courses that are applicable to degree. [transfer credits aren’t listed but are
input manually]

6. Scroll up to “Program Information.” If all requirements have been met for the MFA
a. Check “Requirements Complete”

7. Once completed, scroll down and click “Save”

Please contact Patricia Winborn [] or the GPD with any issues.