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H O M E  B O D I E S
APRIL 13 – MAY 7, 2021

Home Bodies is the graduate thesis exhibition for the seven artists of the 2021 UMBC Intermedia + Digtal Art MFA class: Amelia Voos, Danielle Damico, Elijah Davis, Lindsay D’Andelet, Maks Prykhodko, Rahne Alexander, and Safiyah Cheatam.

The show title, Home Bodies, speaks to the challenges of artmaking in the throes of a global pandemic, and addresses themes common to the artists, including nature and embodiment, surveillance and medical intervention, and connections and displacement.

The exhibit runs from April 13 – May 7, 2021 at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture (CADVC) on the UMBC campus. The CADVC is open to the public via free, ticketed admission. Please contact the gallery (410-455-3188) to make arrangements for viewing.



IMDA Oral Defenses 2021 / Facebook Live

Amelia Voos
Oral Defense: Friday, April 16, 9-11am
Committee: Sarah Sharp, Lynn Cazabon, Kathy O’Dell (Chair)
Questioners: Dan Bailey, Kathy Marmor, Lee Boot

Danielle Damico
Oral Defense: Friday, April 16, 1-3pm
Committee: Lisa Moren, Preminda Jacob, Jules Rosskam (Chair)
Questioners: Lynn Cazabon, Tim Nohe, Annie Sprinkle (external, PhD)

Rahne Alexander
Oral Defense: April 16, 3-5pm
Committee: Kathy Marmor, Preminda Jacob, Irene Chan, Kathy O’Dell (Chair)
Questioners: Sarah Sharp, Calla Thompson, Karen Finley (external, MFA, faculty @ NYU)

Maks Prykhodko
Oral Defense: Wednesday, April 21, 1-3pm
Committee: Jules Rosskam, Dan Bailey, Kathy O’Dell (Chair)
Questioners: Tim Nohe, Kelley Bell, Yann Seznec (external, MS, designer in residence @ MICA Game Lab)

Elijah Davis
Oral Defense: Thursday, April 22, 1-3pm
Committee: Lynn Cazabon, Calla Thompson, Kathy Marmor (Chair)
Questioners: Sarah Sharp, Mark Durant, Hasan Elahi (external, MFA, faculty @ George Mason)

Lindsay D’Andelet
Oral Defense: Wed, April 28, 1-3pm
Committee: Kathy Marmor, Evan Tedlock, Lisa Moren (Chair)
Questioners: Tim Nohe, Preminda Jacob, Ingrid Bachmann (external, MA, faculty @ Concordia)

Safiyah Cheatam
Oral Defense: Wednesday, April 28, 3-5pm
Committee: Sarah Sharp, Kathy O’Dell, Tim Nohe (Chair)
Questioners: Lisa Moren, James Smalls, Kevin Strait (external, PhD, curator @ NMAAHC, Smithsonian),
Su’ad Abdul Khabeer (external, PhD, faculty @ UMich Ann Arbor)