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Distal’s Musk: Rosy Keyser

Opening Reception: October 31, 5 – 7pm

Artist Talk with Rosy Keyser: 7pm, Nov 13 at CADVC 

The haunting paintings of Rosy Keyser which comprise Distal’s Musk are constructed from ordinary materials: linen and canvas, aluminum paint, gravel, and sawdust combined into artworks that build on the ideas established by art brut and Action painting. Since 2017, Keyser has focused attention on the potential of these cantilevered aluminum paintings. These forms are not content to remain flush against the gallery wall: they angle outward and encounter viewers like ghosts or provocateurs. They refuse to remain passive and challenge notions of fixed illusionistic space. Raised in the Maryland countryside north of Baltimore and trained at Cornell and the Art Institute of Chicago, Distal’s Musk brings Keyser closer to her origins.

Distal’s Musk runs at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture Oct 31 – Dec 14, 2019.